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Testimonials & Case Studies

General Testimonials

“I discovered Lisa by word of mouth over three years ago. She is by far the best beauty therapist I have had. It’s not just her years of experience and knowledge which makes her shine above the others, it’s the unique way she makes me feel special by going the extra mile in ensuring I leave her treatment room feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and fabulous”

- Juliet Q

Massage Testimonials

"I have been having massages regularly with Lisa for nearly 10 years. She has decades of beauty therapy experience and passion at her finger tips which allows her to get right under your skin - literally. 

Her extensive knowledge of the human body with all its inter connectivity is amazing and gives her an holistic approach to her massage treatments making them both really effective as well as blissfully enjoyable." - 
Joanna M

"As a body-worker and ex-dancer I’ve seen many practitioners over the years. Lisa treated me for a neck and shoulder problem with a combination of cranial-sacral therapy and myofascial release.
She is undoubtedly one of the best practitioners I’ve seen in years outside London and I thoroughly recommend her."
 - Liz D

"I have been to Lisa 3 times for facial massage and my lower back had gone into muscular spasm, which has been a recurring problem, which meant that I could not stand straight. One treatment with Lisa and I was well on the way to recovery, I found her more effective than any osteopath or chiropractor I had used in the past for this issue. The next treatment was 2 weeks later after which I made a full recovery. Alongside addressing my spasms she has worked hard and deep into long term underlying back problems and I have had amazing results in the short time being treated by her." - Jo P

"Lisa was the first person I called when my lower back was unbelievably painful.  Thankfully, Lisa arranged to see me straight away. I walked in to see her bent over in pain and skipped out 1.5 hours later painless!!!! She assessed, prodded, pulled and twisted me, but mainly she deep massaged my lower back with astonishing results.  Lisa has a wealth of knowledge, a soothing manner and magical hands!!!" - Sue W

Sports Injury Massage - "After having several physio treatments for a rotator cuff injury which showed little improvement, I visited Lisa who treated me with great expertise, knowledge and care.  The relief was almost immediate and after a few treatments my injury was repaired and it has never re-occurred." - Carolyn H

Caci Testimonials

"I have been having Caci treatments with Lisa for the last 18 months. I was recommended by a good friend.

I was never one for beauty salons but thought I would give it a try.  I thoroughly enjoyed my course of Caci treatment with Lisa and soon became hooked. I now go monthly. She is very professional and makes you feel relaxed and never rushes the treatment.

It gives my face muscles a workout and reduces wrinkles. I love it!'I haven’t told many people that I go once a month but lots of people have noticed and I repeatedly get told how young I look at 55!

It is my guilty pleasure and would recommend going to Lisa and experience any of her treatments." - Tina H

"I have been having CACI treatments for over 12 years the last 3 of which have been with Lisa. There is marked difference between Lisa's treatments and my previous treatments; when I leave Lisa I look markedly younger and it lasts longer, she goes the extra mile and provides extra benefits like the lovely products she uses and special infra red treatment or placing pads on key areas. Not only is Lisa an excellent CACI therapist but she is also competitively priced." - Jo P

"Lisa has been my monthly treat for over 4 years.  Her Caci facials are not only relaxing and enjoyable but also the results are amazing! At 43 my face has very few wrinkles and my skin is soft and smooth. I would recommend Lisa to anyone without hesitation.  You will love the experience, the pampering and bask in the results." - Sue W

"Fortunately for me, I found Lisa more than 13 years ago. As a true professional she thoroughly researched, and then enormously improved my pigmentation problems.

Facials with Lisa are pure heaven, I just relax and let the magic begin! My skin always feels fabulous after a treatment with her.

She also introduced me to the 'secret world of Caci'! Though sceptical at first, I do admit it does keep my facial muscles toned and holds  back the hands of time. I love to combine Caci with a peel and Hydro mask which makes my skin so visably radiant, even my husband notices.

Lisa is so friendly, warm and kind most definitely the best beauty therapist you're ever likely to find."
Diane P

Facials Testimonials

Anti-aging Facial - "Lisa has a wealth of knowledge about skin treatments and products.  She is a very experienced therapist who has a very calm and relaxed manner and her treatment room reflects this. I had an anti-aging facial which left my skin feeling hydrated, nourished and radiant.  I certainly would recommend Lisa." - Carolyn H

Reflexology Testimonials

"I had a series of 6 sessions of Reflexology with Lisa in 2009. I had been recommended by  friend who had sought help for menstrual problems too.

My menstrual cyce had become very irregular during that year, possibly due to stress. I was also experiencing mid-cycle spotting.

When I visited Lisa in her tranquil surroundings, she explained how Reflexology helps to re-balance the body and was confident I would enjoy the treatment and, by deeply relaxing, my body would address it's needs better. That month I had my first normal cycle in months and, the improvement continued for quite some time after.

Since that time I have noticed that during demanding and stressful times, I have a tendency for a disrupted cycle. I visit Lisa and normality is once again restored!

She is a truly remarkable Therapist and I have recommended her many times."

Natalie S